Manufacturing – Increasing Productivity in Every Sense

Accelerated growth is the true reflection of advanced manufacturing. At Amartex, we understand this and that is why we thrive to produce fabrics of high quality by applying modern as well as traditional technologies. We believe that new manufacturing techniques allow consumers to enjoy best products at lower costs. Therefore, we make sure that we produce textiles that justify its monetary worth.

The manufacturing sector is evolving and so are the manufacturing technologies. We do not want to make our products redundant. Hence, it is indispensable to absorb latest techniques in the manufacturing of fabrics. This does not mean we are bidding adieu to our traditional ways of manufacturing. It just means that we are blending two intriguing methods to deliver something, which is unique and ravishing.

In fact, the term fabric has developed a lot from its first usage as Latin term “fabrica” in the 15th century. Today, it is mostly referred as a textile material produced through different methods – both traditional and unconventional. The conventional methods are weaving, knitting, braiding or plaiting, while the latest ones include the bonding of fibers via mechanical, thermal, chemical or solvent means.

The whole purpose of manufacturing textile for us is to help our customers buy outfits made of fabrics that are of optimum quality and is true value for money. Our passion is to surpass the boundary of current garment production and achieve the unachievable by applying our expertise in the field of fabric manufacturing in India.