• December 31, 2023

Responsibilities for Computer Operator / D.E.O:

Computer operators work in electronic computer and peripheral data processing equipment tracking and testing in accordance with organizational orders, business, science, engineering, and other data. They can type commands and set controls on computers or peripheral devices on a computer terminal. They also track running and error signals and respond to them.

  • Provides data by machine activity.
  • Performs tasks specified by the instructions/processes recorded.
  • Makes suitable paperwork improvements if necessary.


  • Confidentiality Of Data : It is the responsibility of the computer operator to maintain the security and confidentiality of data of the company. So, a computer operator needs to understand the requirements of the company and data flow and secure the data maintained by the information services.
  • Maintaining Accurate Records : Computer operators must be good at maintaining accurate records using the latest software applications.

 Requirements and skills

  • Active listening – Take proper note of what others say, take time to hear what they say, bring questions, and not disturb them at improper moments.
  • Prepares compiles and sorts document for data entry maintain the timing system & Protect Imp. Information.
  • To prepare M.I.S Reports in to do assigned tasks. And must have good command of MS Excel + pivot table +Formulas.
  • Coordination with Buyers & Supplies with Complete follow up & Report to reporting Authority.