Research & Development

Research and Development commonly known as R&D plays a vital role in the overall production of a fabric. That is why this department is given importance in the textile industry. However, not all companies give equal value to this section, but we do. At Amartex, we have a separate R&D segment of the company, which is dedicated in determining the quality of a fabric.

There are many roles executed by the of R & D section, starting from fabrication and ends at final inspection of the finished product. The pace of development in the textile industry is quite fast and we have new fibers ready for processing to commercialize in industrial scale. We do not want to fall behind and that is why we are always trying new things in the manufacturing industry. Whether it is the latest machinery, dyes or any other thing related to the textile sector, we are always ready to embrace it.

Undoubtedly, Research and Development is the key to the growth of the textiles industry. This is one of the reasons why we take it so seriously. The government has already invested this department through the textile machinery manufacturing sector. Nevertheless, we as a responsible organization try to play a crucial role in a sustainable textile technology.

We believe in innovation and that is why our R&D group keeps following up all the other section, such as fabric planning, knitting, dyeing, printing, finishing, lab, etc. Textile Industry is complex with innumerable fibers involving different processing. Therefore, the onus lies on us to take an initiative of handling various works associated with dyeing and processing of fabrics.