Our Businesses

Our Businesses

If business is all about sharing, then we are someone who upholds this value more than anyone else. We believe in making your life simpler and ecstatic by unfolding to you our varied products. Whether you are looking for stylish outfits, we are there to help you out. Hold any branch of our business and we will deliver you the products that are value for money.

Broadly, our business is segmented into four categories:

Fabric Manufacturing

“Make in India” is not a dream, but a reality, when we are here. Weaving, dyeing and processing, garmenting, etc. are part of our manufacturing business. In fact, we are on the verge of changing the manufacturing trend in India by unraveling the undefined style. We have a fabric that can leave you spellbound. Our techniques of manufacturing products are a blend of traditional and modern ways. That is why you can taste the flavor of India with a touch of western culture in our manufactured products, such as apparels, footwear, etc.

This is just the cover page, there is more for you to uncover.

Retailing – Textile, Footwear, Grocery, Bakery and Household

We have Retail chains that are centrally managed and can roll out for you all types of necessary items. Whether, you want to shop grocery stuff or any other retail products, you only need to look for Amartex. We believe in offering you limitless choices, so that you have no iota of doubt with respect to the product. The multiple discounts and innumerable offers make retail shopping from our stores profitable. So, grab a bag at our retail chain and fill it to the brim without getting cheated.

Channel Sales of Fabric uniforms

Making products and letting it reach to the end user are two different things. You will be amused to know that the cost of a product makes a quantum jump while reaching to the sales channel. As a trustworthy business organization, we understand this. Perhaps that is why we added another feather to our business by paving the way for uniform fabrics and apparel sale. This makes our products are cost-effective and appealing simultaneously.