Dyeing & Processing

Dyeing and Processing – Adding color to your life

You may imagine how dull and boring your life could have been without colors. These colors are an integral part of your life. When you wear a colorful outfit, it makes you look appealing. Perhaps, that is why in the textile manufacturing industry, dyeing is given so much of importance.

Dyeing is the process of coloring fabrics, yarns, fibers, etc. Earlier natural colors were used in dyeing. Now, more synthetic colors are applied. According to scientists and historians, human started producing and using textiles in 7,000-2,000 BCE. However, the exact time of adding colors to the fibers is not known, it is believed that blue dye and unidentified red dye were used in the first century CE. Since then dyeing and its processing has only improved.

In India, dyeing of fabric is a large part of the textile industry. However, most of the manufacturing companies do not follow dyeing processes that are safe for our environment. In contrast to others, we at Amartex apply unique techniques that do not waste water in dyeing and ensures that our environment remains free from water pollution. Our fabric dyeing technology results in skin-friendly textile products that eliminate subsequent need for dyeing grey fiber.