Corporate Social Responsibility

As a corporate entity, it is our responsibility to take care of our environment. At Amartex, we understand this and that is why our organization works for the social well-being. Our strategic business management is such that it encompasses charity, philanthropy, scholarships, etc. It is the motive of our company to maintain a balance between economy, environment and society.

Broadly, our CSR involves four different types of activities:

Involving local communities in Work

Under this role, we make sure that we bring empowerment to tribal women by providing them work in our manufacturing segment. When these women get work, they become economically independent and are free from the shackles of poverty.

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

Education is the best way to create a healthy society. That is why we profess the importance of education and invest in the studies of rural children.

Developing a bond with the employees and customers

Health is something which is important to all of us. We ensure the happiness of our employees as well as our customers by investing our money in free health check-up.

Protecting the environment and ensuring its sustainability

As an organization, we understand the importance of the environment. We do not want to disturb the nature and that is why we try to take steps that determine the sustainability of the environment.
As of now, the CSR activities of Amartex have been carried out in collaboration with SHARDA Trust and NLRDF. So far now, we have worked both in urban and rural settings, respectively. Slum Rehabilitation is also a part of our CSR activities and we hope that in near future we will be able to make the difference from these philanthropic steps.